Wedding Day!

Victoria and Kathryn spread rose petals to the strains of Pachelbel canon in d announcing my bride. (The tradition represents the transformation of the bride from a little girl to an adult-something I bet you didn’t know).

They were proceeded by Cindy’s bridesmaids, Trudi (escorted by Fritz’z son, Eric), Carol (escorted by Fritz’s son-in-law, Michael) and Connie (escorted by Cindy’s son,Mark).  

My pretty, wonderful, fantastic, awesome bride escorted by her son, Mark, walked down the aisle to Trumpet Voluntary in D Major (Purcell).  I had already escorted Pastor Judi to the gazebo that served as our chancel (no music for us).  I gave my ten-gallon hat to grandson (to be) Allen and waited in grand expectation.

Let the ceremony begin. Oh, the traditions followed yet were transformational.  

Friends Kathleen and Nick Preston sang The Prayer (David Foster) accompanied Dennis Leonhardt on the organ.

The sand ceremony, the scripture readings, the introductions, the vows, the rings.  We kissed, turned to our guests and, to great fanfare and the strains of the“Wedding March” (Mendelssohn), we strode down the aisle between our hitching’ posts.

The rest of the evening: photos, dinner, speeches, square dancing, line dancing, the cake, music.  We served virgin strawberry piña coladas—“no alcohol?” exclaimed cousin Bob—yes, no alcohol and we partied!  Cindy had changed from her “cowgirl” wedding dress to her square dance outfit and boots.  We danced a “tip” to caller, Rick Hampton, and then brought up our guests and taught them how to square dance. 

 Yes, we partied until my feet ached in my boots.

Thanks to our great family and friends for witnessing our love. 

Cindy, my dear, I Love You. Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary.

March 28, 2020

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