Sand Ceremony

It has been ten years since our grandchildren poured sand into the crystal; children then, adults now going their own ways.  I etched into the glass: C & F, 3 28 2010 and The Cross.  During the ceremony we marveled at how serious each child was, taking turns white, purple, white, purple…seven layers creating one loving family yet each maintianing their individuality.  

The purple sand represents spirituality, love and the white sand represents sacredness, truth, goodness.  This “unity vase” forms the mosaic unique to our family: one that can never be duplicated.  Just as the sands flow together and form one unified landscape, the lives of each us in this new blended family come together in unity, cemented by love and mutual respect for one another.  It is prominately displayed in our house to remind us frequently of our vows to each other, to our family and, to God.

That sunny and windy afternoon four generations were represented spanning nearly 100 years with Cindy’s mother, Pauline Foreman aged 95, and my mother-in-law, Rowena Schaber aged 97, as sage veterans. Their great-grandchildren, our grandchildren were introduced to our wedding party: Brittaney, Allen, Jarod, Karl, Victoria, Kathryn and Brendan.  Now these brothers and sisters live in Oregon, Texas, New York, Alaska, Georgia and we celebrate two great-grandchildren ourselves: Gabriel and Harley who live in Oregon and Alaska.

Happy 10th Wedding anniversary my love. 

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