Our Love Story

Our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up so you need to know more about our love.

Our first “date” was on a Sunday afternoon, November 18th, 2007.  Well it wasn’t a real date because Cindy cautioned me “I don’t date” when I asked her to a square dance only a week or two before.  But here we were doing a square dance demonstration at a fancy home in Pelican Hill.  Pat and Tom Hamilton set us up -thank you Pat.  John and Kay Wright, Mike and Stephanie Sheehey and Tom Morrow and Frances Downs completed the square and we danced to the voice of caller Lee Schmidt.  

Cindy and I matched, dressed in “pink” outfits and she was, well, just wonderful. She immediately made friends with the other guests and we went to dinner with Richard and Diana Bogucki afterwards. I was, of course, enamored, enthralled, the wild mustang lassoed, corraled.

Special Announcement (from Ichabod April, 2009 newsletter):

Ichabod angels and class members were given a huge treat at our class on April 6.  Fritz and Cindy walked into the center of the room facing everyone.  He read aloud a poem he had written about love; Cindy at his side, a rose in her hand.  He then got down on his knee, looking Cindy in the eyes, and said “Will you marry me!”  We all heard her whisper, “YES!”

I had asked Cindy earlier to let me do the talking.  It was Monday night after her “yes” to me on Sunday morning.  This was a “staged” event but caught everyone’s attention and she was, to say the least, very surprised and teary-eyed.  She mumbled “I love you” but I don’t think that she said yes—she was all caught up with it.  

The next day I gave her pink amaryllis to take to school and she emailed me: 

Thank you, Sweetheart. The flowers were gorgeous and I had MANY teachers comment on them in the lounge as I walked in this morning. They had only seen RED ones before, NEVER pink. I used them for my Meet the Masters Art lesson today on O’Keefe, a female American artist who loved to paint flowers. Perfect timing, MY LOVE. Zoe from my class saw me drive up in your yellow Mustang and get out and kiss you this morning.  Of course the news about me kissing you spread ALL over the classroom with everyone giggling and laughing embarrassingly.   Kids are sooooo cute.


The criteria of God’s best for me

is pasted on my forehead

The checklist is long

Let’s see:

Does she dance in squares, lines and rounds?

Does she walk barefoot in the sand, tempting the sea?

Does she like cats and dogs, children and butterflies?

Does she lie on the grass watching Venus run circles ‘round the moon?

Does she drive through spring, enthralled with the wildflowers?

Does she enter a room and make friends of each stranger?

Does she giggle and snuggle and kiss the back of my neck?

Does she make me feel twenty, thirty, forty years younger?        

Does she, at the end of the day, love only me?

Does she worship God as the center of her life?

            Does she….

I’m a one woman man

only God’s best is for me!

Thanks to Judy Tardie for providing the history and maintaining the Ichabod Square Dance Club photo albums.

4 thoughts on “Our Love Story

  1. Ah, sweet love! You make it sound so simple here. Ever so happy that you found Cindy, Fritz! Happy 10th Anniversary. Wishing you two 50 more!


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