Wild, Wild West

The invitations were out, we’re Getting’ Hitched March 28, 2010.  We had sent pre-notices a couple months before to get on calendars of a couple hundred family and friends and such.  

We met square dancing 20 years before and I proposed to Cindy at our square dance class the year before.  We had a ball planning our wedding.  We hired the East Hall in the Nixon Library.  Both Cindy and I had cowboy boots.  I had a ten-gallon hat and a western tux.  I bought Cindy a “western style” wedding dress online.  We worked on music for our square dance caller DJ (I tease-danced  “I’m too sexy for my…” for Cindy).  We planned everything – down to every detail with a long list of to dos, checking off the dids as we progressed towards The Day.

All this western stuff-why we are getting hitched!  We need hitching posts down the aisle.  

So I made them out of 4x4s, plywood plinths, D rings, ball post top finials and white paint.  To secure into the grass I inserted a rod into the plinth and then we pushed it into the grass.  

All this planning took months and it panned out.  You need to see my next post for the finale.

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