Proud to be an American

America was founded on life, liberty and equal opportunity.  We celebrate its founding based on Western classical liberalism each Fourth of July as enunciated by our Founding Fathers.   Harvard grad, Julie Hartman class of 2022.

That this brave young woman could bravely “come out” for our country’s values, patriotism, and goodness—even while standing in the midst of Harvard’s woke culture, at woke Ground Zero–there is hope for America. Source: When Will it be Safe to “Come Out” as a Proud American? By Greg Ganske, July 15, 2022.

I am proud. I am patriotic. I will stand for our flag, kneel for our God, salute those who have fought for our country, and praise those who have made it great—even exceptional. We have problems, we have always had problems to face, and our way of government changes in course, albeit slowly and deliberately.

Praise God for our forefathers and their Judeo-Christian ethics in formulating the Constitution of the United States. No other country in the world can boast of this foundation.

Can you be brave enough to show your support for our country? Can you show your patriotism? Or will you remain silent?

All of us came here because we knew the country couldn’t go on the way it was going. So it falls to all of us to take action. We have to ask ourselves if we do nothing, where does all of this end. Can anyone here say that if we can’t do it, someone down the road can do it, and if no one does it, what happens to the country? All of us know the economy would face an eventual collapse. I know it’s a hell of a challenge, but ask yourselves if not us, who, if not now, when?  Ronald Reagan, 1981

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