True Equity for ESG

Universal treatment to meet Environmental, Social and Governance standards provides equity for all. Equity means everyone shares the same material standards—‘equality of outcome.’

Everyone from the mightiest to the lowliest would live in the same circumstances. No mighty mansions, no living on the streets. Probably a hovel and maybe running water. Electricity would be limited. After all, it is a big world full of less than equitable conditions.

A full consideration of honest, neutral ESG practices would result in the development of more rules of procedure than can reasonably be considered here, but even these initial standards establish that honest, neutral, legitimate ESG would require much more searching and objective research and much more thoughtful, rigorous development and application. In the course of this research and development, companies would be faced more starkly with serious doubts about whether all of this effort was properly within their fiduciary remit, or ought better to be left to political and social processes. And, of course, much of it would be derailed by failed attempts to apply the consequences of their ESG pushes to their own companies, perquisites and personal lives.  By Scott Shepard July 13, 2022 source HERE

Would you want to live meeting the standards of EQUITY?

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