These stories need to be told

From Masks to Sculpture attempts to provide a niche in history. Someday, someone will read our stories and wonder how humankind could be controlled and possibly conquered by a virus that appeared to be invincible. Yet we survived!

This book was conceived by Jeanette Reese. She writes: Once the Covid pandemic swept across the world, I began to look for stories written by people during the 1918 pandemic. As historic an event as it was, there were few personal stories to be found. During Covid-19 many of us lost family and friends. We also lost time and socialization. Those of us who lived alone spent months inside our homes without the company of another human. I realized this time in history needed to be documented. As writers, I wondered, what would we want future readers to understand about this pandemic experience? Our book is about the challenges we faced during this remarkable time in history: how we laughed, cried, and became married to our masks.  Jeanette Reese, author of It wasn’t supposed to end this way: Finding hope after loss.

I have so many stories to tell about life during the pandemic.  We all do.  Stories of fear, uncertainty, sadness, pain, loss.  Stories of love, compassion, resilience, hope.  Stories of happy little moments, happy big moments, joy, wonder, beauty.  These stories need to be told as well.  All of them.  Kathy Collier, coordinator for Life Story Workshop, OLLI-CSUF

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