Musings of a lifetime

Poems of the senses in possible sections could look like this:

  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Hear
  • Feel
  • See
  • Perception (a supposed intuitive faculty giving awareness)
  • Arouse (evoke or awaken a feeling, emotion, or response)

Or (I am accused of writing about God and/or the devil in many of my poems):

Lord                   page 1

Loss                    page 27

Love                   page 47

Life                     page 69

Oh hell, poetry evolves (if this is poetry), and within are so many themes or musings; just open a page and read. If you are not aroused, then put down the book or, hopefully, turn to another page.  Maybe, just maybe, the next poem will stimulate your blood. Disappointed? If I gave you the book—no loss. If you bought it, sorry, but no returns.                  This is, after all, my life in these words.

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