Rumor has it that there is a military buildup in Japan and other US bases for the coming war/s. What with China in the South China Seas and Russia along the Ukrainian border and Hamas throwing rocks and Afganistan troop withdrawals and India overwhelmed by Covid and …. 

Today’s news reports a buildup of police in our major cities to counteract activists who, maliciously, “peacefully” protest whatever the “woke” cook up. 

It is going to be a long, hot summer here and around the world.

To counteract our threatened environment, our administration is pressing for defunding the police and sissifying our military and damaging our economy, and eliminating oil and…. They go to “no end” to end whatever we have accomplished the last four years (and last 250 years) to improve our readiness.

Today’s Fullerton Observer touts a report by the Orange County Grand Jury, that lambasts the county’s preparedness for the on-slot of Covid-19.

It is easy to discover the past but difficult to predict the future

The OCGJ could have examined the OCHCA department in 2019, and the report would then be responsible reporting with purpose.

When I was on the OCGJ, our report on law enforcement was about the future—that, unfortunately, came to pass. 

Why wait until there is a highly publicized and criticized officer-involved event that results in the hasty, emotional creation of a citizen oversight commission? Although Orange County’s history may not demonstrate an overwhelming need, the long-term interests of residents may best be served by independent monitoring prior to such an event. 

But this is just scuttlebutt. 

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