7th Poetry Anthology by OLLI-CSUF

Grey Matters-Poetic Synapses now available on Amazon in three formats: Hardcover, Paperback and eBook (Kindle).  This anthology by members of our Poetry for Pleasure class at California State University Fullerton is the seventh in a series of poetry books assembling the poetic efforts of thirty poets.

Get to know these poets through their poems. Their inspiring works have been enabled by their interest in lifelong learning.  You will find that all have befriended a creative muse that lurks somewhere deep in their grey matter. –R. T. Sedgewick, poet, and author of Left Unlatched-in, hopes that you’ll come in.

Contemplations #Two by Edith Bockian

        Good people, when they leave this earth

        Find their way towards heav’n

        Feeling sure the sturdy doors

        Will open to let them in.

        But my opinion differs, for

        Whatever it is worth

        I think we have a heav’n and hell

        While living here on earth.

        Just strive to make life positive

        Though others take the lead

        Perhaps just trying really hard

        Is all that one does need.

        The Judge at Heaven’s door will say

        You’ve tried, so never fear,

        That’s all we want for you to do—

        So you may enter here!

Other anthologies by OLLI Poetry for Pleasure available on Amazon include: Poetic Gestalt,  A Poetic Body of Work,  Poetry: Catch the Magic,  Spend Time With a Poem,  Poetry for Pleasure and  Refractions of Life.

Pricing for Grey Matters–Poetic Synapses by OLLI-CSUF Poetry for Pleasure class


Poetry for Pleasure @ California State University, Fullerton

Every Thursday • Noon-2 p.m. • [Zoom]

June 3, 10, 17, 24 • July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 • August 5

Our poetry course is for people who love poetry. We listen to it, read it and even perform it. We take turns leading the class and featuring a poet or theme during the first hour. Then, in the second hour, we do potpourri when we read any poem we wish. Be assured that if you join us, you don’t have to write poetry yourself. You just have to enjoy it. Come join us, it’s fun!

Coordinators: Juanita Driskell, Alice Gresto, Mary Sampson and Fritz von Coelln

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