Stand Up

“Normalize Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast” — the most unique sign displayed yesterday at our Back the Blue rally in Brea.  We were at the corner of Brea Blvd and Imperial Highway for two hours standing up for our police.  

It was not a protest but a chance to show we honor our police and to make people aware that we want our police to know we “got their backs.”  About 30 of us proudly displayed our nation’s flag and signs to the honking support of drivers as they passed by. 

Sure, we received a few international handsigns by drivers and we wonder if they were dissing our nation’s flag, the police, or just us.  Cindy waved the international hand sign for love back at them.  

The young lady with the “Ice Cream” sign was with a half dozen youths sporting signs – “Thank Our Officers,” “Black Lives Matter” and “BLM.”  They were very courteous and a pleasure to talk to and stand together.  Of course Black lives matter—we honor that too.  Thank you for joining us.

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