Red Tippng Point

They want to lock you down now!  Shut down everything and control your lives. 

Is your state among the 21 states? Florida (with a staggering 48.1 new daily cases per 100,000 people), Louisiana (46.2), Mississippi (43.5), Alabama (39.1), Arizona (36.6), Tennessee (34.1), Georgia (33.8), Nevada (33.0), South Carolina (30.1), Texas (27.9), Idaho (27.5), Arkansas (26.4) Oklahoma (25.6), California (23.5), Missouri (22.0), North Dakota (18.2), North Carolina (18.1), Utah (17.9), Iowa (16.3), Wisconsin (15.7) and Kansas (14.2)

We must suppress the virus. So….

Yet Bill Gates is encouraging children go back to school-see article HERE

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