Delay the Election!

“…ensure that deadlines for mail-in ballots are early enough so that the counting stops and the results are clear on Election Day,” posts the Wall Street Journal, July 31, 2020. 

No, we don’t want to delay the election, we just want to ensure that it is valid.  There is a push to have all mail-in ballots because of the pandemic and the media wants you to believe that there is no fraud and yet:

New York Democrats are immersed in bitter intra-party litigation over the June 23 12th Congressional district primary. At issue are the details of counting mail-in ballots. Incumbent Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s opponent, progressive Suraj Patel, has charged “voter suppression.” He and other Democratic plaintiffs have filed a federal lawsuit that the election’s mail-related problems could “disenfranchise a massive number of voters.”   WSJ.

Sounds like there is a problem!

And California allows ballots to be mailed in 20 days after the election!

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