Did I step into a Mail-in Ballot quagmire!

AB 860 would mandate that over 4.5 million individuals, most of whom are likely deceased or no longer living in California, be mailed a VBM (mail-in ballot). This is a recipe for electoral ineptitude and disaster,”  according to Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa).  

Remember that the State of California signed a summary judgment (to comply with a lawsuit) in January, 2017 to remove individuals on the inactive list of voter rolls per Federal Law NVRA*. These voter rolls remain chaotic and are unreliable.  

In addition, “AB 860 allows VBMs to arrive as late as 20 days after Election Day and still be counted, and gives access to Remote Access VBM not just to the handicapped and ex-pats who may need it but to ALL voters. (also) it allows for up to 17 additional days for late-arriving ballots.”

In the November 2018 election, the final count was completed in Orange County on December 5th—a month after the polls closed.  Allowing another 17 to 20 days for arrival of ballots and the count won’t be complete until Christmas of 2020.  In 2018 winners became losers a month after the polls closed!

AB 860 will be heard by the Senate Committee for Elections and Constitutional Amendments this coming Tuesday, June 2, at 9:00 am.

URGENT. STOP BILL AB 860.  To participate in this hearing on Tuesday, June 2nd.    Details to join will be posted HERE the day before the hearing, Monday, June 1.

I am not against mail-in ballots but I am concerned: 1. that many ballots may land in the wrong hands and 2. the counting process will be a disaster. As an inspector for EIPCa I witnessed the count in November 2018 and the process is overwhelming.

*The National Voter Register Act of 1993 (NVRA) requires States to keep voter registration lists accurate and current, such as identifying persons who have become ineligible due to having died or moved outside the jurisdiction

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