8 minutes, 46 seconds

Kneeling. 8 minutes, 46 seconds is a long time—an eternity.  I kneeled amongst 300 plus Fullertonians.  Were they praying, reflecting on George Floyd, trying to understand, feeling the burn?  

Standing, there was a round of applause.  For what? For assuaging their consciousness, to the next protest phase, for a transformation, for seeking a higher power.  Yes to one or to several of these.  I know my feelings were mixed with sorrow, with angst, with hope.  

Several left the protest to go on with their lives and agendas.  Most stayed on to chant back and forth: Black Lives Matter—I can’t Breathe, Black Lives Matter—I can’t Breathe, over and over between two groups.  They held signs: Black Lives Matter, I Can’t Breathe, Racism is Pandemic Too, This is not a Moment but a Movement, Register to vote, Defund the PoliceIf You Don’s Speak Out You’re…. etc.  One sign: End White Supremacy and another: End White Silence and another F… Trump. But these were an anomaly.  Passing me by they ignored an old white man amongst youth—they were in their teens and twenties with only a handful of gray-haired geezers like me.

The chanters raucous yet peaceful, respecting each other, respecting the rights of others.  They stayed on the sidewalks, crossed the street in the pedestrian walk when the light was green, allowed traffic to pass.  I left, my feelings were mixed.  The only police person I saw drove past as I left and I told her to be safe.  There were no police in view (we were at the Fullerton City Hall and the FPD is just across the street). 

Last night Judge Jeanine Piro described in detail every one of Floyd’s pleas during 6 minutes: I can’t breathe, my stomach hurts, moma-until I could not listen anymore.  She concluded that his perpetrator should be tried for premeditated death because of the 8 minutes, 46 seconds.  Plenty of time to think about what is happening and what is right. 

I so much want to get back to things like they were: coronavirus, economy, Russia, China.  Please Lord, help us to bring about the transformation to a more loving people, to reason, and to learn about and improve relationships

8 minutes, 46 seconds.  An eternity.

A fool thinks he needs no advice but a wise man listens to others.  Proverbs 12:15 

Fullerton Observer Article – June 8, 2020 Peaceful Protests Seek Justice, Reform, End to Systemic Racism by Jesse La Tour indicates 1500 people, not 300-I stand corrected.

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