Our great-grandson lives with us, at least until school starts in August.  Fortunately, his mother was called back to work and, lacking school in session or a full-time nanny, we accepted her plea to take him in. 

I have been promoting getting back to work–that the coronavirus can no longer keep people shut-in instead of working.  Those in our community on the edge, lacking sufficient reserves to subsist, must return to work.  Government is incapable and inept at providing everyone solace and sustenance. 

I’ve been hammered that many people can’t go back to work until their children go back to school and/or have assistance to obtain caretakers.  Boom—my wife and I are in the middle of the equation. I expect many can find similar solutions, such as grandparents, for children so working is feasible.  Some will not have that possibility.  

That doesn’t cloud the fact that our country must open up and allow people to go back to work.  I don’t have an answer that fits all situations for all people but most of our country, with appropriate precautions, must open up. 

Schools too.  Schools must reopen.  Forget coronavirus.  Think education of our youth.  

OK.  Ok.  Too soon. Too soon.  Coronavirus will be here, lurking, not in the shadows but everywhere the sun does or doesn’t shine.  

But…. We are struggling, trying to utilize the fraught online schooling for our great-grandson. The teacher Zooms four days a week from 10 to 10:30 am sharing—sharing the latest experience each kid claims.  She posts a series of online lessons and leaves us with the kid.  We are fine with the kid but there was little effort by the teacher to—what teach? Nothing said or done to elevate a single neuron of thought.  Naught!  She doesn’t respond to online lesson tests-did she get them? Were they done correctly? What does she do the rest of the day to earn big bucks while mom is stuck at home instead of working?

The online lessons vary in value—some are well crafted and others leaving a trail of anxiety.  The computer crashes, slashes, burns and wary the poor mom with limited computer skills.  

Teacher is sweet enough, pleasant enough but…is this what happens in school too?  Maybe homeschooling is better assuming parents are capable of maneuvering computers and guiding their charge.  It takes stalwart structure to keep the kid in the loop.  So we have a schedule for every day of the week and every hour of the day: schoolwork, ride bike, school work, chores, school work, time out, etc.  

And so the days go and so the week and the months until when?  When will schools open?

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