The Big CV

The New York Times has a good review of coronavirus statistics and analysis.  Apparently it is updated on a regular basis.  Worth your time to view this information:

  • One-third of deaths prescribed to coronavirus occur in senior facilities.
  • 5 states appear to have increasing numbers of cases (Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Maine and Montana).
  • 22 states appear to have the same number of cases each day.
  • Cases in the remaining states are decreasing with New York dropping significantly.
  • Curves for new reported cases and new deaths are dropping even as testing has increased significantly.
  • There may be an undercount of deaths because of limited testing.
  • Specific populations and industries appear to have higher rates of coronavirus

Not included are statistical analysis vs. population. (If I did the math right)

  • There are 7.8 billion population (with a “B”) in the world with a death rate of .0046
  • There are 330 million population (with an “M”) in the United States with a death rate of .0242
  • Orange County, where I live there are 3 million population with a death rate of .0027

How inclusive is the count is another matter:

  • Early counts might not have included many because coronavirus was not expected.
  • Counts may be too inclusive-the death of someone with an illness, any illness, having also contracted the coronavirus is included in the count. (Apparently deaths due to the flu are way down this year).
  • Hospitals receive more money when a patient has the coronavirus and even more money if the patient is placed on a ventilator.

We really don’t know much yet-lots of statistics, lots of claims, lots of hype. 

We do know one thing-people are hurting badly by the lockdowns and must get back to some level of normalcy. Work, school, socialization, sports, whatever.  We deplore the deaths—each death a tragedy to someone, family, friends, community.

States and cities are beginning to open up.  Let’s do it right with precautions but let’s do it quickly.

Open Sesame!

2 thoughts on “The Big CV

  1. I agree totally
    The cure is interfering with the cause!
    We must each take care and proceed with caution as California opens up


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