Back to Work

Some people want to go back to work, others don’t.

Those wanting to go back to work—let them.

Those who wish to continue sheltering in place—let them.

Going back to work, going back to a normal life will no longer be normal but will require safeguards with numerous conditions such as wearing facemasks, self-distancing and etc.  Should the coronavirus rate increase then it is back to sheltering in place.  But that is for local jurisdictions to monitor and designate.  

Any decision to go back to some sense of normalcy must commit to protecting those high risk people who have other medical issues or older people who should continue to shelter in place.  What about schools?  What about travel?  What about dance and theater and football games and…  None of these are easy to answer but answer we must.  

Those who wish to continue sheltering in place—stay there, that is your decision. 

It is time to get back to work for most areas of our country.  The United States is too big for a one-size-fits-all ruling but may be a state by state or even county by county set of guidelines.

I know how critical working is. Before retiring I ran a furniture manufacturing business, Fairchild of California, employing 130 in Southern California and 20 in Tijuana, Mexico.  Wonderful people, caring people who were at the low end of the pay scale.  I am sure they were living close and the loss of a job for months on end would be disastrous. Most employees were unskilled and we paid them minimum wage to start.  We trained them and in a reasonable time with skills learned they would earn two and three times minimum wage.  

Fairchild of California was also “living close” in a competitive industry.  China copied our designs and was shipping furniture to our customers.   Loss of sales for months on end would be disastrous.  The business would not survive a coronavirus scenario.  

Open up, Let’s get back to work.

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