Get Back To Work-Now!

You may disagree with my constant pleas to return people to work but this coronavirus shut-down affects my family—in some cases severely.  We have several family members who have lost their jobs.  These are people who need their jobs to earn the money to pay for everyday “essential” things.  “Rainy-day” funds are limited.  They need to get back to work now!

Fortunately one of our granddaughters, furloughed for several weeks, returned to work last Monday.  That leaves four grandkids at home without paychecks (includes fiances).  Unemployment checks seem to be slow in coming and work is of the utmost importance to them. 

Two of our grandkids are studying at home instead of being on-campus at college.  Yes, it works to an extent but it is not the college experience promised nor is it as productive.

Several members of our family go outside the home to work.  A few are fortunate to work from home.

One son works for Doordash delivering food from restaurants to people’s homes.  He leaves the package on their doorstep and calls to say it has arrived.

I’m retired and comfortable-great.  I’m thankful for those who are working or studying.  So, where possible, open up the opportunities for those less fortunate so they can work too. 

Things change so quickly—I was planning to bicycle tomorrow on the Santa Ana bicycle trail.  The news just came out, unfortunately Governor Newsom closed beaches and parks and trails down today–statewide because of the herd that went to the beach last weekend.  Orange County beach city entities were in favor of the open beaches. 

California is a big state-one rule that fits all is not appropriate.

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