Lucky Us

Something about rainbows predicting your future—good luck.

Yesterday morning, oh now it is two days ago since we are in Auckland, New Zealand and it we lost a day.  No that is not bad luck—it was planned as we embark on the Princess Ruby for two weeks of divertissement and pleasure.  So yesterday was Friday and today is Sunday and Saturday was left at the International Date Line some time last night (which was Friday).

We get it back on January 19 when we return on a Sunday to land on a Sunday.

Back to Friday morning.  A rainbow appeared on a wall in our house-the result of the sun reflecting in crystals hanging in our bedroom window.  The “spaceships” in the rainbow are crystals hanging from our chandelier in our foyer.  Whatever that explanation means to this rambling.

The rainbow predicting good luck as we travel to the other side of the world, which, when you think about it is amazing–to be on the other side of the world

More to come but I had to share this moment with you.  Watch for more posts and read about Cindy’s and my especially good luck as we tour Auckland. I thought I had lost her when she jumped!

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