The Tree of Life

Three trees embrace the altar: One stretching heavenward, verdant, magnificent, proud; The second, the shorter One, clinging mother earth; The third, floating above, The Cross, The Constant Reminder.

Trinity: Things come in threes, The great mystery, Three trees on a hill.

He looks down: One on the right hand, Another on the left, And it was good.

Two trees grew in course: Spiraling helixes modestly differing, Nature caressed. Diverse as snowflakes, Each as dear to Him, As each of His creations. Diverse as you and I, Diverse as all, Reflected in his gaze, Reflected in his love.

Temporal: Two trees magically appear, ornate and light, Celebrate the birth His birth, Two trees cut down in youth, Majestic celebration. Then needles dry, brown, fall.  Limbs sag. Two trees disappear in course, Succumb to the blade Return to earth.

Things come in threes: One living tree, Transcends death, To the Tree of Life.          

Happy Birthday Jesus.           

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