She Jumped

She says she’s going to jump.  I pleaded with her to reconsider.  After all we mean to each other—our love for each other, our kids, grandkids, great grandkids.  So much to live for—our plans and bucket list.  After all, i have another continent to complete the lucky seven.  

I already paid for the cruise and all those shore trips and two seats back to LA.  But no, I could not dissuade her.  She decided to jump.  And she did!

The sky tower in Auckland is over 600 feet to the viewing platform and another couple hundred above that for the mast.  Besides handling over 100 radio stations and other communication systems it is the top tourist attraction in the city with a 360 degree view of the harbor, islands, city and nearby hills (that are remnants of multiple ancient volcanoes.  

For the “Live More, Fear Less” crowd you can walk the catwalk 600 feet above the tourists below or jump off the tower to land on the X target at street level.  This is Cindy’s jump challenge.  

And she succeeded.  View HERE

Thank the Lord.  She landed safely, if not on both feet at least on her knees.  

She is so up!  Thrilled! Expounding her feat to anyone who will listen.

Me, thankful that I did not book the cruise in vain.  Tomorrow we will begin our two-week cruise on the Ruby Princess from Auckland to Tasmania and eventually Sydney, Australia.  Then a few days in Brisbane with Cindy’s pen pal friend, Elizabeth Tanton and husband Barry before returning home.

One thought on “She Jumped

  1. Cindy, you are so BRAVE! I love reading your post. Sounds like a wonderful memory making trip. We miss you but know we will see you soon. Keep having fun!


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