Weather Permitting

Weather is hampering a view of the New Zealand mountains.  Yesterday during our trek into the high country east of Picton the clouds hid Mt Tampuaenuku as we visited a sheep ranch.  Today ocean swells of 2 meters or more and winds up to 35 miles per hour prevented us from going ashore by Princess Ruby’s tenders (no docking facility) to visit Akaroa and tour the high country to see New Zealand’s Alpine range plus visit where Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” was filmed.  A highlight was the possibility of seeing “blue” penguins.

Another “At Sea” day on our way to Dunedin. A day to go through our photos and to write this post.  

At the Harris “Family Farming” Sheep Ranch, established in 1842 and now farmed by a third generation family, we watched the son shearing three sheep, mom sorting the wool and compacted in bales for sale.  According to his father there is no money in sheep today so even with hundreds of sheep, they make more money from the grapes.  

Cindy was in seventh heaven getting to hold a two week old baby sheep.

More to come

One thought on “Weather Permitting

  1. Hope the fires are not going to impact your Australian visit also. It is very bad in northern Victoria and southern nsw. Everywhere very smokey. Hopefully more under control by the time you hit our shores. Happy holidays.


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