Write That Down

“Write that down,” Vice President Mike Pence’s reply to Cindy.  She was shaking his hand and touching his arm, saying, “God bless you.  Never give up and never give in, God is with you.”   He looked straight into her eyes as he replied. 

We were attending the Trump Pence Victory lunch reception yesterday at the Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach.  Vice President Pence spoke and his wife, Second Lady of the United States Karen Pence, accompanied him.  She sat to the side of the dais, warmly smiling during his speech.  We were in the front row, fortunate to sit at a table only 15 feet from the lectern and during his talk we felt his eyes looking directly at us.  

It was a campaign speech resulting in the chant “Four More Years” from the audience.  The Vice President summarized the accomplishments of our current presidency that have resulted in a new and prosperous direction for our country.  He requested support for President Trump in the upcoming election to complete his goals and to assure that “America Will Never Be A Socialist Country”; “We Were Born Free And We Will Stay Free”

We arrived at the resort, were checked through security and our cellphones were ensconced in a pouch-unusable during the event.  Then we were ushered into a patio to engage with other attendees sipping cocktails and tasting delightful hors ‘d oeuvres.  We met the Normans, Ted and Nancy, and shared our adventures into the world of politics.  We could see security personnel on the roof nearby.  Then we were ushered into the dining room and followed our new friends to the front table.  A great buffet was offered.  

Sinan Kanatsiz, founder of International Executive Council, sat next to us and we discussed the potential of e-voting: voting using your computer or smartphone.  With the incorporation and assurance of security, voting over the internet will replace the current fraud-prone “mail-in ballot” process that has been forced upon California voters.  Too late for the 2020 elections, he believes that e-voting will become reality in the near future and may increase voter participation and reduce fraud.  However, such a system would require the identification of every eligible citizen—voter ID is not acceptable to some political agendas.  

We were energized by Vice President Pence—the objective of the Trump Pence Victory lunch.  It wasn’t about the California rolls and shrimp and turkey and roast beef.  It was about “Keeping America Great.”

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