Pai-doung-u-day by Joyce Cannon Yi

(Standing inside the sun)

Years ago the Kiowas were having a Pow Wow.  One of the dancers looked up and saw the outline of a man inside the sun.  Pai-doung-u-day which translates to “Standing Inside the Sun”.  Many people of generations that have passed since then, I imagine, have carried that name.

Most Native children are given a Native name when they are born.  Tee Cee Cannon was given that name, when he was born.  

The name appeared to fit him as he was always so smart, and stood out in a crowd.  

Today that light still shines brightly to all who knew and loved him as well as to the younger generation of artists whom he influenced.

Who knows…perhaps one day I will look up at the sun and see an outline of a man.  A familiar individual who I grew up with: my brother Tommy Wayne (Tee Cee) Cannon, paying homage to his name.

One can hope.  Stranger things have been known to happen.

Joyce Yi’s book, Even Lost Souls Need to Laugh is now available on 

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