CSUF Master Plan Excludes Employability

The Plan describes an Olympic ringed “Criteria for Success” that has five elements: Connections, Values, Learning, Activation and Identity where Learning is not shown as the primary driver to an education.  And it leaves out, what President Fram Virjee (April 10, Fullerton Public Library) stressed, Employability; how graduates have the skills to be assets to our community.  

President Virgee remarked that CSUF receives accolades from Southern California employers on the skills graduates bring to businesses.  Yet the CSUF Master Plan does not include this as a “Criteria for Success” yet is addressed by the Division of Student Affairs Career Center as follows:

Skills Employers Look for & How to Develop Them

A survey of Cal State Fullerton alumni summarized the following skills as critical in securing a professional job after graduation and achieving success in you first career:

  1. Written & Verbal Communication: The ability to speak, read and write ideas clearly and effectively in English.
  2. Problem Solving & Critical Thinking:  The ability to identify the relevant information and experiences needed to make decisions and solve problems: to be organized, persistent and focused in thinking, inquiry and communication.
  3. Leadership:  The ability to shape individual and group behavior to accomplish goals, including relating well with colleagues, inspiring others, resolving conflicts and demonstrating diplomacy. Community activities, classwork, as well as jobs and internships provide excellent opportunities to take charge of a project or activity and therefore develop your leadership skills.
  4. Teamwork: The ability to work cooperatively with others and contribute to a group’s success with ideas, suggestions and effort. All work environments require the ability to work with others and be a part of a team. Employers look for new hires to be able to fit into their system and be an active team member.
  5. TechnologyThe ability to appropriately apply technology and effectively use hardware, software and the Internet to accomplish specific job-related tasks.  Employers expect new college graduates to be familiar with standard business computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, data management, and presentation software. 

Employability skills should be part of the Plan. 

Review the plan and submit your comments by going to CSUF Master Plan.

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