Poetic Gestalt

Poetic Gestalt is now available on Amazon.  

Read what poet and author Richard Luftig has to say about the poetry of members of our Poetry for Pleasure class’s 6th anthology of poetry. 

Introducing our love for poetry is Carolyn Cardamis with her poem “Gestalt.”


Now we see in part. Now we know in part.

Our knowledge is fragmented like an undone puzzle spread out on a table before us.

We begin to organize by color and straight edges.

Each group needs our attention before it fits into the whole.

The wholeness of our puzzle depends on the fitting together of all its parts.

So depends the wholeness of our lives.

The Gestalt of our lives.

There is power in the German word Gestalt.

It signifies that our fragmented vision of life comes together

in a wholeness that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The colors and straight edges of our lives have joined together.

Our parts transformed in the greater whole.

It is the work of a life time. Now we still see in part.

Then we shall see fully.

Now we still know in part. Then we shall know in a wholeness

that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We shall know in the manner of


-Carolyn Nowell Cardamis

Poetic Gestalt is now available on Amazon

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