CSUF Master Plan Neglects Hybrid Courses.

Hybrid courses are part of the future of education stated President Fram Virjee (April 10 Fullerton Public Library).  The CSUF Master Plan does not include this concept. 

In a Daily Titan article, (October 28, 2015 by Daisy Carlos)   Hybrid courses are revolutionizing the way students learn and engage.  Instead of in-class lectures or online classes, a special type of hybrid course called “flipped classrooms” pair virtual lectures with in-class discussion and activities. They “flip” the classroom lecturing experience to an at-home activity as opposed to an in-class one.  While the flexibility of the virtual classrooms can be empowering for students, they also come with great personal responsibility. Discipline, self-motivation and organization are crucial. Without the constant monitoring of a professor, the responsibility to learn falls on the student.

The CSUF Master Plan “Problem Statement” listed issues including: Future of Education, Improve Graduation Rates, Problem Based Learning, Research, Cross-Discipline Collaboration, Student/Professional Interaction and Community Support/Connection. 

The Plan includes infrastructure, buildings and dorms and parking and an ON-campus fixation without recognizing or validating fulfillment of the “Problem Statement” issues.  Specifically, hybrid courses as the future of education may transform the traditional brick and mortar campus significantly.  Fewer buildings and dorms and parking may be necessary to accommodate a growing student body while increasing technology to accommodate the mix of classroom, campus and home study. 

Does it work? An Assistant Professor affirmed on-line courses–When we offered an on-line option for our master’s program, some students selected it because of convenience. In other words, there are many variables:  learning style, teaching prowess, the nature of a specific course, and technological skill (of both instructor and student), and personal preferences. Some students preferred this format while others said they were not comfortable in that domain; they valued face-to-face.

Review the CSUF Master Plan and submit your ideas or opinions. The Fullerton community must be a part of the Plan.

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