We laughed at the scuffle.

At nearly 12,000 feet elevation we came upon a rest stop. A photo opportunity of the distant Andes and the surrounding farmlands.

The dog bounded toward us, sniffing and eager for attention. The children followed, hesitantly. The girl was traditionally outfitted. The boy was, well, traditionally garbed as a…boy who chased dogs across hillsides.

For a few Sols we captured a moment. Worried that we paid enough but not too much. She would pose for tourists now. Later she would toil, gleaning the rich fields that surrounded us.

Our moment with them captured. Memorialized for us, fleeting for them. How many Sols a day in this remote area? Surrounded by this magnificent scenery, how many souls strive for a living, proud of their heritage, contemplating opportunity?

It was the dog, eager for attention, who captured the scene. The boy was trying to turn its head to face the camera. The dog was determined to look at us. We laughed at the scuffle.

We drove on, eastward towards Cusco, in the dimming light to our last evening in the land of the Incas.

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