Lost City of the Incas

Written one morning in the clouds enveloping the

“Lost City of the Incas”  by Robert Burke, 2004

It lies there, as it lie covered for many a year,

Open now for all to see, uncovered as long ago

A monument, a fortress, a temple, unfinished

Waiting …

Blessed by sun, caressed by cloud, unmoving

Stone upon stone, terrace above terrace

Solid, clasping its horizontal perch


Secrecy its milieu, revealing reluctantly

Only that obvious to the scholar

On guard, mute, passive, a mystery


Cloaked in honor, entrusted with the story

The story aging over five centuries

A story with no record, only that seen


Waiting…            …the return of the Inca.


Re-printed from Poetry for Pleasure, an anthology by CSUF-OLLI.  Click HERE for book.

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