P6210175.jpgThe Fullerton Flashers flash mobbed Fullerton Day of Music, June 21, 2018.

Dancing to “Up Town Funk,” “Happy” and “Foot Loose” we appeared at venues including the Museum Plaza, the Slide Bar, Bourbon Street, Roscoe’s, Wreckless and more.

Thanks to our choreographer, Cara LaGreen and coordinators, Jeanette Reese and Jodie Christin we wowed our audiences with spontaneity and aplomb!  What egos! What entertainers we are!

See us dancing to “Foot Loose” in the Museum Plaza.

(Note that I am in the pink shirt and Ensenada hat.  Photos courtesy of Donna Judd)

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  1. Cara has been wonderful to help me with the choreography, but you and Jodi have been so great at helping our team achieve success. You have been our “backbone” at OLLI, and Jodi has been a great lead dancer. The three of you help our Fullerton Flashers be all they can be! Thank you, Fritz.


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