Blues, yes, maybe even purples
once rushing through veins
Limes, lemons, oranges
rusts, blacks
yes, maybe even purples.

Leaves reflecting
morning’s sun on last night’s rain
scented earth
lying amass
composting happens.
Where only yesterday
yes, was it only yesterday?

Still bonded
was it the pelting rain
was it the squalls
or just exhaustion?
Too dark, too cold
maybe for the last time
the umbilical severed.

Here, there, couples holding hands
Juliet embracing her Romeo
pulling close
lips locked forever
buried ankle deep.
Passion, always profound, always craving.

We, too, held hands
fingers touching
maybe for the last time.

We, too, embrace
pulling close
lips touching
warming hearts
maybe for the last time.
The chill of winter to come.

The skies will turn gray
the leaves decompose.
Spring’s promise
summer’s possibilities
gone forever.
It is Autumn, fool!

Yet, He loves.
His grace profound.
If it is His will
then it is forever
unconditional this love.
Making memories to last forever
making the difference in our lives.

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