Iguazu Falls as seen from the Argentine side of Iguazu river.  Immense, dynamic, overwhelming.  God’s creation beyond a doubt and inspiration for the poem “It began with one drop.”  We walked along the pathways and catwalks from one fantastic view to the next.  Afternoon the rainbows appeared in the mists.  It was hot, humid, intimidating when we stood at the edge looking down into the waters below–the roar of the falls blocking out normal conversations.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Fritz I an certainly glad I am on the receiving end of your generous heart, expertise and talent. Thank you for sharing your poetry talent and your technology expertise with Ollie and especially our Poetry Class.


  2. Fritz,
    It seems like you are involved in many of OLLI’s activities. Your efforts are much appreciated and you are an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for your many efforts.
    Fred Fink


    1. great
      also great that you will be coming to our class on Thursday-note during the summer this is strictly a workshop-question and answer vs. a regular class. that said I will be available to discuss your book

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