It began with one drop

It became …a trickle
…a stream
…a river
…a torrent
When did that one drop
To say the least
He bestows rain on the earth
                                                 He sends water upon the country side
So sayeth Eliphaz
Was it earlier?
Cain killed Abel and the earth wept
Blinded by sight
Human will unleashed
Was it then?
                                              The windows of heaven were opened
40 days and nights
Did the Flood
                                                 Floodwaters would cover the earth
The earth was small then
Uncharted beyonds
The sky a vast dome
A canopy of blue
Not unlike the sea
The Mediterranean
Encapsulated by waters
Burst all at once
Was it then?
The oceans
Never overflowing
The waters evaporating
Pouring onto the land
Returning to the sea
Was it in the beginning?
Did He shed tears
Rolling down His cheeks
Filling the Heavens
For what we committed
For what He was to commit?
How many tears
How long had He been crying
How long has He been crying?
Yet there are rainbows
                                                          I do set my bow in the cloud,
                                                                       and it shall be for a token
                                                                     of a covenant between me
                                                                                             and the earth.
Is He …confirming
How do we know
Have faith

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