Proud of Our United States

Our United States is unique and exceptional with respect to all other countries worldwide. We are not perfect, but we have continued to improve our government throughout its history.

In this election cycle, my vote is for my country and the principles supporting this decision follow:

1. The nuclear family as the foundation for our children’s upbringing

2. US Constitution as the foundation of our means of government, along with the Bill of Rights establishing specific rights of free speech.

3. Declaration of Independence from English rule (natural rights, liberty)

4. Supreme Court independence from other branches of government

5. The history of the United States and its standing in the world of nations

6. Our Nation’s Founders: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and more

7. Law Enforcement-the thin blue line that maintains order in our communities

8. US Military-supremacy in the world to keep the United States safe

9. Classroom teaching basics (3 Rs), citizenship, national and world history

10. Controlled spending and limited government as the basis of our republic

11. Energy Independence

12. Employment/Jobs for anyone willing to work

13. Farmer’s ability to produce economically

14. Secure borders and acknowledgment of the value of immigrants who make up our citizens

15. Belief in the United States (to become more perfect within the structure of the constitution and the rule of law)

2 thoughts on “Proud of Our United States

  1. Excellent job Sweetie!!! What a writer you are. If only THE PEOPLE would wake up and stop being blind and deaf to the truth. 💕ya. Me Sent from my iPhone



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