Feel good but…

It feels good to be driving my Mustang Mach e EV but I know it is for naught because of the disadvantages in range and questionable goal to save the world (climate change). The following article shows that “Zero Emissions…has Zero Basis.

A complete transition to EVs could require charging stations backed by new power plants and renewable generating projects on a colossal scale — to meet a projected demand equal to 41% of U.S. electrical generating capacity.

Car and energy experts, however, say there is no such thing as a zero-emissions vehicle: For now and the foreseeable future, the energy required to manufacture and power electric cars will leave a sizable carbon footprint. In some cases hybrids can be cleaner alternatives in states that depend on coal to generate electricity, and some suggest that it may be too rash to write off all internal combustion vehicles just yet. 

The electric car’s biggest disadvantage on greenhouse gas emissions is the production of an EV battery, which requires energy-intensive mining and processing, and generates twice as much carbon emissions as the manufacture of an internal combustion engine. This means that the EV starts off with a bigger carbon footprint than a gasoline-powered car when it rolls off the assembly line and takes time to catch up to a gasoline-powered car. 

Source Real Clear Investigations, October 27, 2022

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