Collect #30 by Carolyn Cardamis

Dearest Heavenly Father,

     Your perfect and eternal hands created us.  From the timeless sands of the universe, from the bracing rains of the heavens, Your hands soaked the sands and gave shape to humankind.

     You did not make us perfect.  You breathed into us Divinity and the imperfect sands wedged themselves within us to make the mystery of humankind.

     The wedges of imperfection would weaken the firm mold.  Cracks would appear.  Humankind would learn the stories of pain, suffering and shame.  This was not without purpose.  This was the fulfillment of purpose.  For the imperfection of the sands would be transformed.  With the blessings of soul-enlightenment, they would heal.  What was brokenness would become unbroken.  Cracks and bulging imperfections would become the Divinity of humankind.

Rejoice in the Lord always,  

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