Do you remember the charming tale of Horton the Elephant in Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss? In this story, Horton (whose large ears gift him with acute hearing) becomes aware that there is an entire community of microscopic creatures known as Whos living on a clover flower in his possession. A parade of menacing animals taunt Horton, and do their best to take that flower from him and destroy it to rid him of what they believe to be a delusion.

At some point Horton suggests to the Mayor of Whoville that if every Who were to join voices, instruments and all methods of noise making at once, they might generate a sound loud enough for Horton’s companions to hear and believe. But despite their best efforts they are not loud enough until………little JoJo Who, who has been MIA to this point, stumbles outside and joins his little childish voice with the rest. Miraculously JoJo’s voice puts the effort over the top, the Whos can be heard, and Whoville is saved. That one little voice mattered.

In last week’s 2022 California Midterm Primary Election, approximately 70-80% of registered voters DID NOT VOTE. They decided their voice didn’t matter. They left the fate of Whoville to others. 

70-80 % of registered Californians said to themselves, “It’s only one vote. One vote will not make a difference.”

Horton, JoJo and all of Whoville would beg to differ.

Remove ANY voice, and ALL may as well be silent. Remove that many, and you have a democratic collapse. One individual voice may not be heard on its own, but one plus one plus one plus one always make a difference.

If you didn’t vote last week, please remember JoJo Who. None of us can truly be heard unless ALL of us speak. Every voice matters.

If you did vote but know others who didn’t, buy them a copy of Horton Hears a Who, read it with them, and tell them why.

Every eligible, thinking person must vote, or we all lose.


source: EIPCa

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