Larry R. Macklin Author Available on Amazon

SISTER MERCY: A Catholic Nun Crime Romance Novel (Sister Mercy Trilogy)

How did a detective end up with a nun sitting on his lap in a confessional? And why are they being shot at by rival gangs? What motivates two gangs to have a shootout at a church in North Kansas City in the first place? Can a love interest help solve the mystery? How can any of this make sense?

HEARTSTEAD: Sister Mercy II (Sister Mercy Trilogy) 

Fleeing violence, two very different women meet and come to rely on each other. But, will the violence and evil they tried to leave behind come looking for them?

RECLAMATION: Sister Mercy III Paperback – (Sister Mercy Trilogy)

Once again having fled violence, Sarah Bennington assumes a life she never thought she would return to and begins a new phase of her life with friends old and new and discovers that the impossible can sometimes happen.

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