Genus Zantedeschia

there is a scent to love

a tell-tale scent

a blend of sweet and sour

the rush and sweat and sticky

sweet and sticky if it was good

sour if not

out of the darkness

their magnificent beauty

sensuous form

purveyor of purity

calla lilies

mindful of the sweet and sticky

only a hint of the tell-tale scent



only the discerning would know

but perfect

nearly perfect, efflorescing

each flower transcending

green to lime to pink

tips trimmed in deep fuchsia

descending into white shadows


spadix erect

poking its yellow snout

out of—or into

depending on your viewpoint


dozens of lilies

nearly perfect gift

from her niece on her

nearly perfect birthday

looking deeply inside

reminding me of mother earth

in all of her splendor

natural beauty

nearly perfect

sticky and sweet

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