Voter Suppression

Every eligible voter must be provided the opportunity to vote—a philosophical commonality in this era of partisan divide.

My son is emphatic that there is no impediment facing a voter. We were discussing the 11 days of in-person voting during the Governor Newsom recall election plus the month-long mail-in-ballot process where every registered voter received a ballot. Excessive time and opportunity or not? 

Is voting ID a problem? When we observed the January 5th election in Georgia, the vote center supervisor laughed when we said we did not require voter ID in California. “And you say Georgia has problems,” she retorted.

Election Integrity Project California released a list of possible voter suppression issues in the recall election. These are a result of reports by trained voting observers during the election cycle. I am one of those observers, and, for the most part, in-person voting appeared satisfactory. However, I provided EIPCa with witness statements that corroborate at least one of the issues.

According to EIPCa, voter suppression issues based upon observer reports include as follow:

  • Thousands of households received duplicate ballots—evidence of voter roll chaos.
  • Thousands of voters standing were in line to vote when they learned the election had already been “called.”
  • Voters received notice that their votes had been received and counted; however, there was no guarantee it was their votes.
  • BallotTrax is unreliable.
  • Voters were told they had voted, yet they had not voted.
  • Voters do not receive a “receipt” with a tracking number.
  • And more….
Voters standing in line on Tuesday, September 14 at 7:30 pm

The facts have yet to be corroborated. That said, the State of California must review and update voting processes to assure they are reliable—that every vote is counted—every eligible voter has the opportunity to vote.

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