Standing up for change

Patriots spontaneously break out singing Star Spangled Banner at Newsom Recall Rally.

Disappointed by the way California Governor Newsom and the left have destroyed the “Golden State,” citizens are standing up for change.

  • Public Safety—support and maintain law and order
  • Decent Schools—teach equality, not equity, and promote charter schools where public schools are failing
  • Hard Work Wins—promote self-reliance and personal responsibility
  • Growth—promote a business-friendly and working-man’s environment
  • Homelessness—empower religious and nonprofit institutions to deal with the underlying problems
  • Pandemic—govern with science-based decisions
  • Community—strive for racial harmony
  • Infrastructure—reduce regulations that impede the building of homes and improving consistent water and energy sources

In a nutshell, reverse the past destruction of the “Golden State” by Governor Newsom and the leftist conflagration.

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