Larry Elder for Governor

Promises—plain-spoken and not strident, Larry Elder is running as governor of California, not as a politician but as a pragmatic libertarian. He has the ‘common-sensical’ ideas tested under fire that are lacking in California government. Wall Street Journal editorial, August 6.  

As a libertarian, he is conservative with an ethos of self-reliance and personal responsibilities yet liberal on cultural issues such as same-sex marriage.

We grew up in the same neighborhood-the Crenshaw/Leimert Park Districts of Los Angeles. I went to Dorsey High School and Larry went to Crenshaw High about 12 years later. Designated a part of the South Los Angeles Promise Zone–what a marvelous area—diverse in nature and everyday, hard-working peoples.  

His vision for California:

  • Public Safety—support and maintain law and order
  • Decent Schools—teach equality, not equity, and promote charter schools where public schools are failing
  • Hard Work Wins—promote a business-friendly and working-man’s environment
  • Homelessness—empower religious and nonprofit institutions to deal with the underlying problems
  • Pandemic—govern with science-based decisions
  • Community—strive for racial harmony
  • Infrastructure—reduce regulations that impede the building of homes and improving consistent water and energy

In a nutshell, reverse the past destruction of the “Golden State” by Governor Newsom and the leftist conflagration.

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