Sally Forth and….

So here we are in the midst of life, really towards the post-midst since we are, after all, closer than we would like to think of the end of it all which I do not dwell upon but look forward to lunch that would be my next meal even though it is the same ham and cheese sandwich that I have most every day and then I look forward to today’s poetry session even though I am not enthralled with the poet and then other classes and I will miss the promotion for “Shawn Nelson for Judge” because of my last class but I’ll send him some money because he is a good candidate and was a school-mate of my daughter so long ago and she is waxing in Texas as we tend to wax on the far side, the wrong side of the midst of life that circle of life from “dust to dust” they say as Adam and Eve are cast out from the Garden, forcing us into a life of “pain and suffering as in child birth” yet, thank God, I have been spared of the ravages experienced by others although there were times of loss where now I see through the clouds where I smile for the good moments, blocking out the bad and my good wife and I plan our way into His promise… “sally forth….”

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