Are you other than White?

Critical Race Theory divides white people into eight white identities and even comes with a diagram that ranks the identities on a color scale of red to green. Red is a bad white person, and green is a good white person.  (Alexander Liao, The American Culture, June 3, 2021)

  1. “White Supremacists” are bright red on the chart and considered the worst group on the list for maintaining a society which “preserves, names, and values white superiority.”
  2. “White Voyeurism” is defined as someone who “wouldn’t challenge a white supremacist, desires non-whiteness because it’s interesting,” and appropriates black culture “without the burden of blackness.”
  3. “White Privilege.” These whites may criticize white supremacy but still support white rule.
  4. “White Benefit” people who only privately feel badly for people of color and do not speak in public about minority issues.
  5. “White Confessionals” seek recognition from people of color and expose whiteness in small measure.
  6. “White Critical” is the label for people invested in exposing the “white regime.”
  7. “White Traitor” are people who actively “subvert white authority and tell the truth at whatever cost.”
  8. “White Abolitionists.” This is ranked as the best white identity for those aiming to dismantle whiteness and refusing to allow whiteness to reassert itself.

So how do you identify yourself? Are you color blind? Are you “other than White? Are you Red White? A Green White? A Yellow White? Wow, if you are any of these colors, then how could you be identified by anything “other than White?

Whether you are a he or she or it or a purple penguin which, by the way, is another color all into itself –does it really matter?

For me? I am what God made me in His love for me. White, male, sinner, and believer. Flaws I have, and I am consciously working on improving myself just like our great country, our exceptional country, has flaws that we strive to eliminate, one at a time.

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