Please don’t cancel me

Be careful what you say and when you said it, and if you said it, even a long, long time ago; you are in peril of being—canceled, fired, demoted, damned.

That is what happened to Kamau Bobb, Google’s Diversity Executive. Sixteen years ago, he posted a blog writing what he believed at the time. He tried to explain his intent, but he lost his position anyway.

Let’s face it, I have said things and written things and emailed things that didn’t go over very well or, to be honest, were downright misunderstood. I should have thought before opening my mouth or written that story or pressed the “send” button.

Long ago, I said something that I thought was exemplary, only to be castigated for being the opposite-demeaning. It was not demeaning from my perspective or intent; however, there I was defending myself for what another person misconstrued. I stand corrected, and I am a better man now, more aware of alternate facts and truths.

However,  I do not apologize for what I said or wrote, or sent. I defend any such “egregious” actions with a promise to explain my intent in the future adequately. After all, in the decades since that time, I have matured in my thinking.

Someday, someone will come upon what I said and devour me. Woe is me.

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