Come go with me –by Joyce Cannon Yi

We will walk along the Washita River and throw

Rocks trying to make them skip along the water.

We will sit, and down some rabbit beer.

You will tell me of your dream of wanting to have

your paintings shown in Paris, London and New York.

I will tell you my desire to write the Great American

Novel.  We both laugh and know that will never

Happen.  Just the Coors talking.

In reality we watch the sun go down, and drink a

few more brewskies.

Yes!  In reality one of us will have our dream come

true.  I guess we know who that is, don’t we?

His paintings are shown all over the world including

Paris, London, New York as well as other countries

and these United States of America.

Dreams do come true.  Too bad he didn’t live to see

his dream come true.


Joyce Cannon Yi writes:

The TC Cannon show began in March 2018 at the Peabody Essex Museum, in Salem Massachusetts. Karen Kramer, the person who put it together, must have worked at least two years to collect all artworks. She even came out here to see me.  The show..there are no words for it.  All of the paintings, sketches, even the mural, and guitar were in the show.  See page 29 in my book about the guitar.  People had tears in their eyes. 

Then it moved in July to Tulsa.  I went and gave a speech there.  Of course, all of my relatives came.  The black leggings gave me a Pendelton blanket which was nice, another Kiowa woman gave me a necklace, and another lady gave me a Kiowa blanket.  Saw a lot of relatives….

Then it moved to New York in Feb. of 2019 and closed in Sep. 2019. 

I wish it could have come out here.

I regret he didn’t live to see his dream come true.

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