Gone, it will all be gone…

We are at the crossroads; do we celebrate the grand experiment of democracy in our United States, or will we succumb to woke abomination and slip into the oblivion of socialism?

Will we stand up to our moral obligations?

We shudder in angst.

We cajole in fear.

Hear me out—


Events approaching July 2020…

If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning.                                                                                                      2 Peter 2: 20

like a spayed cat?

bombarded 24/7?

this chaos scat?

like castrated!

where were our priests? our wise? our chiefs?

agendized, monetized, besotted

fornicating in deep shadows 

corrupted thurst, intoxicated

walls ‘round you torn away, away, away, away

exposing your wrongs

injustices created by you, you, you, you, you

don’t roll your eyes, don’t look aside

you are the sinner, sin, sin, sin, sin

you, the judge, the jury, the hangman

you will be outed, out, out, out, out

you, with warped fingers pointing at you

down with your laws 

down with your history

down with your ways

down with society

down, down, down, down

statues, words, deeds, thoughts

down, down, down, down

torn down, subverted

yes, thoughts

they will cancel you

not you, you say?

not my doing, you say?

not on my watch, you say?

not whatever you say?

humph, look around 

chaos abounds

soon at your front door

then at your back door

inside your space

your mind, mind, mind, mind

never mind

no longer yours, no longer, longer longer, longer


the foundation laid 

on this rock to build 

can we do better? you bet we can

correct the wrongs? of course, why not?

the speck in your brother’s eye? 

remove that splinter in yours

winnow the wheat from the chaff 

place your faith in The Just One

you, yes you, I dare, dare, dare, dare

will you, stand up?

to speak your peace, peace, peace, peace

convictions in conversations

don’t pick a side




will you, stand up?

it’s late, late, late, late

we’re on the cusp

all will be lost, lost, lost, lost

to chaos

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