The Answer is Armadillos: How to Save a Species

Prince Mosi, son of Kenjo, king of giraffes, escapes from the royal tower. ” He wants fun; he wants friends; he wants freedom. He doesn’t want to be the ruler of a vanishing species.” Then he meets Monica and admires her beautiful splotches. He discovers that she’s strong willed, smart and brave. While he’s gone Oskar, Kenjo’s cousin, seeks sanctuary in the tower because poachers invaded Vet Vera’s preserve. They discover that twins have been born. “If all giraffes had twins, our numbers would double and we’d be out of trouble,” Kenjo rejoices and becomes obsessed with twins.. Beruti, Kenjo’s brainy pet baboon, reads that nine-banded armadillo has the most multiples and orders Oskar to find one .

But there are no armadillos in Africa. What they don’t know is that the Armadorables, Texas techies, will help. Can armadillos really save the giraffe species? When Mosi returns with Monifa, together they find the answer. This book contains not only timely big ideas that will appeal to educators: the interdependence of us all, and the need for global cooperation , but information about natural science: genetics, inheritance, and DNA.

For readers who like action, there’s lots of it. Kenjo battles pretenders to claim his throne; Mosi saves Monifa from a crocadile, Oskar saves Vet Vera from poachers, and Mosi and Monica navigate a labyrinth persued by lions. The animals in the book are anything but cute . They are the predators and prey trying to survive in a hostile environment. There are also humans,” man mammals,” who threaten their existance, but there are also human healers and protectors.

“The Answer is Armadillos—How to Save a Species” isn’t easy to classify. It has elements of adventure, fantasy, science fiction and romance, facts and fiction, prose and poetry. Children and adults too find it fun to read and say that they learned a lot. That’s why the best way to describe it is pur EDUTAINMENT!

Available now at Amazon. Stephanie Leon, Author

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