Evelyn Hooker

STAND and SHOUT QUIETLY: a biographical novel about Dr. Evelyn Hooker Paperback – March 31, 2021 by Florine Miller.

Seldom has the entire story of Evelyn Hooker come together in one book. Beginning with her poor childhood in Nebraska and progressing through her formal education in Colorado and Johns Hopkins, Evelyn’s story is told in a memoir style by her great-niece. Readers will be introduced to some of the Hollywood figures in the 1950’s who became Evelyn’s personal friends during the turbulent time of HUAC. The discrimination period which influenced Evelyn is covered, including the Los Angeles Police Department’s handling of the gay population and the Stonewall Riots.

Evelyn’s research covered the homosexual population and resulted in the 1957 publication of “The Adjustment of the Adult Male Overt Homosexual.” In 1992 Evelyn received an award from the “American Psychological Association for Distinguished Contribution in the Public Interest.” Included are her comments entitled “REFLECTIONS OF A 40-YEAR EXPLORATION: A SCIENTIFIC VIEW ON HOMOSEXUALITY” which were read to a receptive audience when, because of age related health issues, she was unable to attend. Included also is a review of the documentary entitled “CHANGING OUR MINDS: THE STORY OF DR. EVELYN HOOKER” and the TV interview by Ted Koppel of Evelyn and Rev. Falwell.

Evelyn was named the Grand Dame of Gay Liberation and rode as the Grand Marshall of the 1986 Christopher Street West parade in West Hollywood. Following her death, UCLA established, in the Charles E. Young Research Library, several boxes with original materials specific to Evelyn.

Spend some time exploring STAND and SHOUT QUIETLY and you will learn many details about Evelyn and the time period in which she lived. Some of these include her time spent with tuberculosis, her studies at the Berlin Psychological Institute when Hitler paraded following annexation of Austria. Marriage, first to Donn Caldwell, a freelance writer, and then to the love of her life, Prof. Edward Niles Hooker. The reader will be introduced to Evelyn’s life while a teacher of psychology at UCLA. Explore a few of Evelyn’s relatives, including her older brother Merritt and his family, as well as her younger brother Charles who was a saxophone player in, among others, Glenn Miller’s Air Force Band. Experience parts of 20th century history as Evelyn journeyed through her life by buggy, train, car, ship and plane, including WWII, The UCLA Loyalty Oath, The McCarthy Era, and the AID’s epidemic. Evelyn’s Journey includes it all and it all affected Evelyn.

And finally, included is Evelyn’s study which changed the world for many, and which you may find interest in reading, “The Adjustment of the Adult Male Homosexual” available on Amazon.

Author, Florine Miller, has also published My Question of Memories: A Sample Collection of Embellished Memoirsand The Quilters’ Flu, both available on Amazon

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